Customer Case Study: Buffalo Wild Wings

One of our clients wanted to revolutionize their in-store digital signage. What started as a single companion TV show, grew into three fully developed networks managed by HEROFi and operating on our HEROCloud environment. The consumer experience network supplies real-time sports data visualizations, exclusive streamed events, and local UGC and high school content targeted by individual store. The second network is focused exclusively on food and beverage – displaying beer availability in real-time, compelling media to help sell food and beverages, and partner content. Team cast – the heart of house network – tracks and visualizes team members performance in real-time and services as a centralized point of communication to the store.


Automated & Localized User Generated Content (UGC)

This product allows consumers to upload videos for display in the store environment. Once uploaded to HEROCloud, the file is processed, filtered, post-produced, wrapped in local display rules and housed in a greenlit database. Consumers are notified via e-mail or mobile that their videos have been approved and will air at certain dates. When this segment is scheduled in-store (at least once per day) the content played in each store is different although the segment is the same. The system plays content only targeted and relevant to individual stores.

User Generated Content UX Loop

UGC Monthly Best Of Show

This product has proven to drive in-store frequency, and is the first massively scaled content localized retail product. Accomplishing a unique and emotional connection between retail locations and the communities they serve – Hometown Highlights redefined what’s possible in DOOH and was chosen as one of the best new products by Restaurant Magazine.

Real Time Fantasy Cards

Sports data is ingested in real-time, processed for display through HEROCloud using proprietary fantasy ranking algorithm, and pushed to endpoint displays based on pre-established scheduling rules. Entire process takes place in milliseconds. 

The tracker is driven by beautifully designed player cards that animate and compute stats on the fly as they display – building anticipation and excitement for where players will place as game action unfolds.  Product provides additional details such as time remaining, ball possession, red zone and other critical data for fantasy fans. 

Real Time Head to Head Statistics

This product uses animating templates designed and tested exclusively for the venue and environment. The HEROCloud system ingests massive amounts of game data, formats, checks display rules, and distributes to individual stores. Graphics then animate to display critical game stats in real-time telling the inside story of the game. This product has been referred to as “the perfect sports-watching companion” by consumers and store employees. Large format and constant refresh creates a “heads-up” experience applicable to both casual and hardcore fans

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