We automate uniqueness.

Why we are different.

HEROCloud is a complex product, which is not something easily described with a couple of buzzwords and a few stock images. However, there are a few very simple things that prospective customers should know about us and our technology. Because it is fundamentally different from how most companies in our space work.

Our platform is future-proofed.

We designed and developed our technology systems over the past few years, not the past few decades. No slapped together systems, no patched weirdness, no technology with frustrating and non-sensical roadblocks. We are build on a blisteringly fast, next generation, micro-services architecture which is unlike anything else in the industry. We operate in 100% real-time with non-existent data latency. We are 100% cloud-based, device agnostic, and display point flexible. We assumed the need for complex 3rd party integrations from the onset – and we’re set up to handle even the most complex and archaic partner data, content, and services. Trust us – nothing you, your partners, or vendors have – will scare us.

We are 100% transparent.

With HEROFi – you never have to wonder what you are paying for, and what is it really worth. We charge a license fee for our software, and mutually agreed upon fees for specific products. We never mark up 3rd party technology fees, hardware, installation, or related costs. You pay what we pay. You will see the invoices, and you will have an unheard of level of control of your costs.

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HEROFi’s work is proven to drive ROI and our products work like nothing else in the market. You can continue to waste money on disposable technology from agencies and unspecialized vendors or you can work with HEROFi to launch a product that integrates with your brand, your technology, and fundamentally expands engagement with your guests.

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