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Our services fall into three distinct verticals:

Consumer Experience Design

The retail environment is different from pure digital. This is an important distinction that is often overlooked. A digital experience delivered at retail includes the physical space, the messaging, operational implications, employee impact, and countless other details. We conceptualize, modify, optimize, or fine tune a wide variety of products or services. We have experience working with multiple other agencies and vendors, and our only job is to create the most powerful and effective consumer experience.

Product Development

If necessary, we provide HEROFI personnel to manage the development of any product cradle to grave. We can either be the team that produces it all, or we can augment an existing team or group of vendors as needed

Product Mangement

Once a product is live – the job of iterating, managing, and analyzing its effectiveness begins. Once again – we can either do all of this top to bottom on our client’s behalf – or we can augment where necessary, and help infuse the process with the combined experience we bring from all of of our other assignments and projects.

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HEROFi’s work is proven to drive ROI and our products work like nothing else in the market. You can continue to waste money on disposable technology from agencies and unspecialized vendors or you can work with HEROFi to launch a product that integrates with your brand, your technology, and fundamentally expands engagement with your guests.

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