October 4, 2018 – My most recent trip to The City of Lights was colored with inefficiency. While the predilection may be to blame travel, in actuality my flight went without a hitch. Thanks to the conveniences of modern life, I received the morning text alert informing me of my flight’s delay and adjusted my travel schedule accordingly, got to the airport on time via Uber, avoiding those pesky parking fees, checked in using a self-check-in kiosk, and, after clearing security quickly thanks to pre-check, ordered myself some wings and a beer using a tablet at one of the modernized lounge restaurants while I waited to board.

Perhaps it is because of these conveniences that I came to see Vegas for the first time without rose colored glasses. Don’t get me wrong – Vegas is an amazing city and very dear to my heart. But one thing it is not is digital at its core.

From the hotel check-in process to the products in my mini-fridge (anyone else have an aversion to nuts?), it became readily apparent that while the rest of the world is taking steps to embrace technology and evolving consumer trends, Vegas is lagging behind.


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