HEROFi Programming Launches at Over 1,000 Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants

HEROFi recently debuted targeted video programming to over 1,000 Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in the US. HEROFi developed a programming approach displaying curated internet sports and high adrenaline videos in-between plays during televised games. These 15-minute programming packages (all clips in HD or 4K) feature extreme sports including BMX, surfing, motocross, and snowboarding as well as to freestyle soccer tricks and other feats of athletic highlights. This approach addresses consumer appetites for short-form video content on-the-go. HEROFi uniquely enables physical retail spaces to provide the same kinds of relevant content rich experiences consumers typically find online and on their mobile devices. Source ...

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HEROFi Chosen as a Finalist for APEX Award

HEROFi was honored to be named as a finalist for an APEX Installation Award by the Digital Signage Expo (DSE). APEX Awards are “designed to recognize and honor achievement in the installation of digital displays and interactive technology and the creation of compelling viewer content.” Finalists were chosen by an independent panel of “industry experts and journalists from a field of 138 entrants from 12 countries vying in nine major digital signage categories.” Source ...

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Chain Store Age: Startups Spotlight: Elevating store experiences

Chain Store Age shined a spotlight on HEROFi as an innovative startup focused on “real-time store promotional display monitoring and creating meaningful and memorable customer experiences.” At a time when catering to the consumer is everything, HEROFi focuses on creating great in-store customer experiences. From modern payments systems and employee incentive and engagement programs to customer loyalty, tablet deployments and retail television networks, HEROFi has the expertise to create game-changing digital products. Not only does HEROFi build new projects from scratch but it also can partner with clients to fix failed efforts that never really went anywhere. Retailers reasonably well versed in software development can license HEROFi’s guest experience platform for a...

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